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Las Vegas Oasis

Revit, Watercolor, Photoshop


The objective of the Dunn-Edwards Emerging Professionals Program Competition is to design a mid-century home for a family of five that highlights the 2021 Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year, Wild Blue Yonder. The home cannot exceed 2,000 square feet, excluding the garage. The home must include a craft corner for the younger children, as well as a private office for one of the parents. It must also create a mood board built from Dunn-Edwards’ collection.


The concept for this design is to tie the home into the local landscape and create a modern oasis through the use of color. Taking inspiration from the Desert Modern style, the home uses a mid-century palette to create a soothing and exciting space with a timeless look. This project has also been guided by the principles of universal design, to allow the family to continue to love and grow in this home for years.


To complement the main color of Wild Blue Yonder (DE5855) while keeping with the desert theme, warm natural tones were selected to create a loosely tetradic color palette. Green tones paired with light pinkish beiges connect to the rocky desert, while yellow accents add brightness and bring notions of sunny days.

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