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Marymount University Intervention

Hand-rendering with some Photoshop


The objective of this project is to intervene on Marymount University’s campus in the areas between the Lodge parking lot and the Ostapenko Hall courtyard. 


The program cannot exceed 800 square feet, and no piece of program can be smaller than 200 square feet. The program can be divided into two or more parts. Existing structures must stay in tact, but their material finishes are open to change.


To foster community between the university population and guests visiting the site, opportunities for Refuge, Transition, and Reflection were introduced via certain landmarks. 


In this project, I developed a series of interventions that look at the topics of Refuge, Transition and Reflection. The site is located on Marymount University's Main Campus at the circulation corridor that connects the Lodge with the courtyard between Ostapenko Hall and Caruthers Hall.

The first intervention includes a garden seating area to the northeast of the rotunda. A seating area with a central fountain is sheltered behind a half-wall with views to the wooded area beyond, creating an area for refuge and reflection.

The ceiling planes of the rotunda and the bridge connecting the pavilion to Ostapenko have been changed to glass to bring light in to the space. The bridge roof includes stained glass in a gradient from green to blue, transitioning from the natural wooded area surrounding the Pavilion, to the built environment of Ostapenko.

A seating area with planters brings color and life to the monochromatic plaza between Ostapenko and Caruthers. Awnings overhead provide privacy from the windows overlooking the plaza, and giving refuge from the sun's path.

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