Level 1 - Floor Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan

Level 2 - Floor Plan and Reflected Ceiling Plan

East Elevation - Kitchen

Ivey Residence

Spring 2020

The clients for this project are the Ivey family. Kenneth and Rosaura Ivey, along with their three children, Diana, Daniel, and Lia, are moving house to better accommodate their son. A year ago, the family experienced a car accident, which has left Daniel paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. The Iveys are looking for a home that is more accessible to him. To ensure Daniel and his whole family feel comfortable in this new home, this project has been guided by the principles of universal design.

Kenneth and Rosaura love vintage styles and older homes. When speaking with them about their preferred styles, they leaned towards an eclectic mix of Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Mid-Century designs. They also expressed a preference for more ‘defined’ spaces rather than an open floor plan.


Keeping this in mind during the early phases of design, a layout emerged with the dining space central within the first floor, allowing for multiple spaces to flow around it and to create private and public spaces for the family and their guests.

With all of these changes, the Iveys will be very comfortable in their new home. It’s welcoming for every occasion, while still offering the privacy that the Iveys need. And, it’s future-proofed with universal design in mind, so that they can enjoy this home for years to come.